PR Writing: Impacting CASOL and Beyond

By Bianca Smith

Writing has always been a classic form of communication. However, with the rise of social and digital media, writing has evolved to cater to the demand for fast and accessible information.  The world now communicates within the confines of 140 characters and short news articles. This evolution has also influenced the public relations industry to create press releases and other deliverables that are more straightforward.  For Capital Area Special Olympics, Elevate Communications has been developing content that is clear-cut and perfectly molded in our digital world.


Writing in public relations is a crucial aspect to the business. According to, public relations is a business with a foundation built on persuasion.  In order to effectively persuade an audience, press releases and media alerts must stand out and deliver with effective jargon that tailors to a specific audience.

In an article posted by, it presented the formula to creating a promising press release broken down in a handful of steps. One of the most important elements was to add “flavor” or an eye-catching detail to a press release. However, it is crucial that public relations professionals have the five W’s (who, what, where, when and why) listed before any additional flavor is added.

Elevate Communications has been working closely with CASOL for the past two months and have been drafting press materials and other deliverables that will give CASOL the attention it deserves. The attention and awareness that these materials will deliver to CASOL will not only impact the organization, but the Baton Rouge community as a whole. Elevate has also been working around the clock to create fliers and drafting e-mail blasts to bring in more potential donors to the non profit.

However, while drafting all of these materials, it is imperative to be aware of who the key publics are. In an article published by, knowledge of the target demographic is one of the keys in created a top-notch press release.

Elevate Communications has been using the findings from our primary research to identify the target audience for Capital Area Special Olympics. During this process, Elevate discovered that upper middle class mothers and families are the key public for CASOL. From that point, our press releases are set to be released to media outlets that have that specific target demographic, including local news stations, newspapers and “mommy bloggers.”

Elevate Communications’ relationship with Capital Area Special Olympics is just getting started. With their key publics in mind and our campaign plan just starting to mold, Elevate is prepared to take CASOL and propel their brand to make sure that their impact to the Baton Rouge community doesn’t go unnoticed.

For more information on Capital Area Special Olympics of Louisiana, check out their website and like them on Facebook!


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